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Wedding Advice Wednesday: Does Size Matter?

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This weeks Wedding Advice Wednesday: Engagement Rings...Does Size Matter??

 Q: My boyfriend and I are planning on getting engaged. We would like to have the wedding in a year and a half. We both are finishing up college so money is a little bit tight. He would like to purchase a small diamond engagement ring and then replace it with a larger one when we both are working and actually have a substantial amount of money to spend. (He is set on the 2 month salary thing.) This purchase of a larger ring could occur before or after the wedding depending on how fast we pay off those student loans.

Is it inappropriate to replace the first engagement ring with a larger one later? Should we wait till after the wedding? I really don’t care one way or the other. In fact, a smaller ring would be fine for me since I am an artist and therefore work primarily with my hands. To me, the size of the ring isn’t what is important... (even though I wouldn't be completely opposed to having a larger ring….)But we don't want to commit a wedding fopaux...... any suggestions??

A: First may I say, Congratulations on your upcoming engagement! The questions you asked are normal for a young couple in love, torn between school, work, priorities and beginning to plan your life together.  You asked if it is appropriate to “upgrade” your engagement ring. The answer is yes, it is fine to replace your engagement ring at any point in time. An engagement ring symbolizes your love and commitment to a life together, but there is nothing in the rule books that states that one most spend a small fortune on an engagement ring. Here are a few things you and your future fiance might want to consider:

Many couples are opting for gemstone engagement rings instead of the more traditional diamond center stone. (Like Princes Diana and now Kate Middleton too!)

There are so many beautiful and affordable precious stones that can be the star of your ring finger. Peridot is a gorgeous apple green color and in most cases and be more brilliant (and affordable) than emeralds
 Amethyst comes in a full range of colors shapes and sizes and is subsequently the birthstone for those lucky Brides born in the month of February.
If you LOVE the idea of using your birthstone as the centerpiece for your engagement ring, here is a helpful birthstone by the month chart....

 Heirloom pieces are also a great way to solve the engagement ring conundrum.  Perhaps there is a grandmother or great aunt on one of the sides of the family who would be willing to share her ring until a final purchase is made.

Since you will be working with your hands often, you may want to consider a different type of ring (a solid metal instead of one with gemstones). A diamond ring with paint, clay or glue can be messy indeed.

If you do decide to start with a small diamond, you can add to it at any point in time. If not before the BIG day then the typical time-frame is at your ten year anniversary, twenty-five year anniversary and fiftieth anniversary. My last bit of advice would be to always remember, marriage is about the two of you, not the jewelry. What ever you decide, whatever the size, shape, color.... it will be the PERFECT ring as long as it is something that is special and memorable to you and your soon to be husband.

Best of luck and we hope that you will feel free to contact us again if you have any other questions.
With all our love!
Laura Stagg and the Forevermore Events Team

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