Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspirational Superhero Themed Wedding!

I am lucky enough to come across hundreds of beautiful and creative weddings every week, but this one over on Green Wedding Shoes caught my eye, hand, foot and heart! This is one of the funnest weddings, and I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for this event. Who would have thought that a SUPERHERO themed wedding could be so elegant and classy! This Bride and Groom really outdid themselves, and I couldn't wait to share the images with our faithful readers. I am absolutely in LOVE with the cold cereal station, light-brite monogram, superhero themed tables, and dramatic sign in table, complete with a "help us build a comic book" sign-in station. You can tell that every detail was lovingly thought about! And what a perfect way to make your entrance as man and wife than by crashing though a "brick" wall. To Green Wedding Shoes and our Newlywed Superheros.... thank you for your creativity and willingness to share the images of your special day! You are wedding inspiration hero's to all of us here at Forevermore Events!!


superhero3.jpgsuperhero4.jpgsuperhero5.jpgsuperhero6.jpgsuperhero7.jpgsuperhero8.jpgsuperhero9.jpgsuperhero10.jpgsuperhero11.jpgsuperhero12.jpgsuperhero13.jpgsuperhero14.jpgsuperhero15.jpgsuperhero16.jpgImages by Jagger Photography
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