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Wedding Advice Wednesday: Tangled Lanterns?

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This weeks Wedding Advice Wednesday: How to Light up your Wedding

How many of our readers have seen the new Disney Movie TANGLED?  I absolutely fell in love with it. So when I opened my inbox and read a recent email from a reader asking how to implement the "lantern scene" into her wedding I was so excited to help bring her dream to reality!

What a memorable way to finish a romantic evening with family and friends than by releasing several dozen delicate paper lanterns into the night sky.

This weeks Wedding Advice Wednesday: How to Light up your Wedding 

Q- Dear Laura, My wedding is coming up this fall and shortly after I got engaged, my fiance and I took my nieces to see Tangled. We BOTH loved it! My fiance even wanted to see it a second time. We absolutely fell in love with the scene at the end when the whole city releases the paper lanterns. We are having a small reception on the beach near his home town in San Diego with his relatives, and would LOVE to implement the paper lanterns idea into our wedding. question is where do I start?? I have no idea where to get those lanterns or if there is a way we can make them? We don't have a lot of time, but are willing to  "do it ourselves " if necessary. You are always so good at these things! I hope you have some ideas for us??  

~In Love with Lanterns!~ Raylynne
Southern Utah & San Diego
A- My Dearest Raylynne, I've always believed that one of the beautiful purposes of weddings is putting your love out there in the world, spreading those extra good feelings to everyone else. Releasing lanterns at the end of your reception is a fabulous idea! Tangled became an instant classic in our home, we absolutely HAD to buy it the day it came out on DVD.  So fear not! I know it seems like a huge task to take on, but we have several easy solutions for you, both for purchase and DIY. 

The lanterns are commonly known as "Sky Lanterns" or "Wish Lanterns"  Sky lanterns are common in many Asian countries at festivals and events. They're quiet, beautiful and symbolize your troubles and worries floating away. Guests can also write wishes, thoughts or special messages and watch them float away to the heavens.

Why fork over hundreds or even thousands of dollars on fireworks? Sky lanterns quietly and gracefully fill the sky with light while climbing slowly and gently into the nighttime sky like mini hot air balloons.

Here are a few FAQ's we have received from a couple of our readers

Will the Sky Lanterns harm the environment?
No, not at all. Sky Lanterns are made with 100% biodegradable materials. Once the Sky Lantern wick has burned out the lantern will float back down to the ground.

Are they safe to use?
Yes, Sky Lanterns are completely safe. But they do involve the use of a naked flame so please ensure you familiarize yourself with the safety instructions prior to using them.

How do I light them?
It’s best to use two people for this, one to hold out the edges of the lantern and one to light the small cardboard square in the center of the lantern. It works best if you light each corner of the cardboard wick while the lantern is upright.

What are the best conditions to use them in?
Sky Lanterns can be used in a variety of different environments; however the conditions they perform best in are still weather, clear skies and large open spaces. They can be used in the rain if it’s only light or drizzling but it is advised not to use them in heavy downpours.

Can my children use them?
It is strongly advised that children are not left unsupervised with Sky Lanterns as flames and matches/lighters are involved. Children should not attempt to light the lanterns or launch a lantern by themselves under any circumstances.

Are Sky Lanterns known by any other names?
Sky Lanterns are also known as -wish lanterns, glo lanterns, sky candle, Chinese lanterns or Thai lanterns in different parts of the world.

Sky lanterns are large 100% biodegradable and flame-retardant tissue paper balloons. An easy to light wax paper fuel cell at the bottom fills the sky lantern up with hot air. When filled they gracefully rise into the air, floating for as long as 20 minutes and not coming back down until they have completely burned out. Even on a perfectly clear night they will float out of sight.

While Sky lanterns can be used day or night, they are best flown at night when their light can easily be followed through the darkened sky. Light several at a time for a gorgeous evening display that will have your guests blown away.

To purchase the lanterns for your wedding check out these great links:

To Purchase Colored Sky Lanterns~ Click Here 

To Purchase White Lanterns in BULK (50-100+)~ Click Here

To Purchase White Sky Lanterns~ Click Here

If you are daring enough to take on a big DIY project I have included a link to step-by-step instructions below. A few things to keep in mind. Make sure you use the appropriate products. You will need to use flame-retardant and bio-degradable materials. Also, don't get discouraged! It may take a few tries before you get the hang of putting them together. 

For step by step instructions check out the links below:

EHow Step by Step Instructions~ Click Here

As always we would suggest hiring a wedding planner and arrange for them to have a few extra hired hands on deck to help guests with this type of undertaking. It will take several extra workers to help organize this type of event. They will need to help hand out lanterns, light wicks and announce the release of the sky lanterns.  Having hired help will make the end of the evening go smoothly and  stress-free.

We love the idea of releasing these wish lanterns into the night sky. To add a special touch to the Lantern Ceremony, have your guests right wishes or good thoughts onto the lanterns before releasing them. Or, even monogram your initials and wedding date onto the lanterns using a stencil before putting them together. That way when they are lit up the whole night sky will embrace your new life together as husband and wife.

We hope that this has helped answer your questions and give you a direction to move in. We would LOVE to help you any way we can with your event. Send us updates and pictures of your event, and we will post a follow-up right her on our Blog.
Best of luck on your upcoming celebration. Everyone here at Forevermore Events is here to help if you need it! Take Care and CONGRATULATIONS!
With all our love!
Laura Stagg and the Forevermore Events Team

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  1. You need to be real careful when lighting your lantern. I've seen some burn in the middle of streets. The trick is to hold the lantern suspended while it fills with hot air. Once it is full enough, it will begin to take off!

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the mention! We work hard at to offer a range of high quality Wishlanterns and are proud of our Eco Range which all come fully assembled and ready to go as well as being completely biodegradable.

    We've been selling quality wedding products for more than 7 years so if you need any info or assistance on this beautiful wedding product don't hesitate to get in touch.

    If your readers need any info they can check out our safety and launch instructions:
    Safety -
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    Wishlantern USA

  3. Make sure you dont release them near (5 miles or less) an airport or you'll get in trouble....

  4. I have been thinking about h ow to implement this idea for months since I wasnt sure if sky lanterns are legal in california or if open flames are allowed at the venue. Do you have idea of creating the same effect without using open flames? I really really want to recreate the tangled scene but dont want to cause a fore hazaard or break the law. My reception is at a country club and I plan to release these lanterns/oooo tentative glowing all checks from the balcony. Would greatly appreciate any ideas!!



  5. My fiancé thought of filling helium balloons and putting them inside of the lantern instead of using a flame. Think you might like that?

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