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Wedding Advice Wednesday: Italian Sodas ?

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This weeks Wedding Advice Wednesday: Italian Sodas
Q.  We are getting married late this fall and have thought about having a "Italian Soda" Bar or Station, instead of doing a whole meal or buffet. What is the best way of going about this?? Will our guests be dissapointed that we aren't serving "real" food?? Our families aren't exaclty agreeing on this situation and we'd love a little advice from a neutral third party! Thank you!!

Jenny & Seth
Southern Utah

A. Dear Jenny and Seth, Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
Forevermore Events is here for you and we are happy to share some of our ideas and years of experience, thats the whole reason behind Wedding Advice Wednesdays... we want to help all of the fabulous brides and groom that have questions they need answers to.

You shouldn't feel pressured into feeding the masses at your wedding. Be realistic about your budget and prioritize where you would like your funds dispersed too. If you decide to serve something lighter like Italian sodas or Desserts, just adjust your reception time to start a little later. THAT WAY, guests wont show up starving :)
Now onto your original question....

First a little background..... Italian Sodas or Cremosas are classic iced beverage consisting of soda water, varied flavored syrups and cream.

 Italian Sodas are a wonderful wedding trend that has been popping up here and there over the last few years. What's not to love about a cool refreshing creamy treat in a variety of flavors that you and your guests can choose from and customize. Italian Sodas are the perfect alternative to sugary, caffeinated sodas and an ideal addition to any Wedding Menu!

Your guests will feel like royalty, and grandparents, adults, teens, tweens and even the little tykes will have a hard time refusing such a beautiful -made to order- beverage. 

Nervous about how to make it happen? Don't be! 

Many caterers like local favorite, Marvellous Catering, are familiar with serving Italian Sodas to the masses and can offer you a package that will include everything! -Service ware, Ice, Syrup Flavors, Soda Water, Cream and Whipped Topping if you so choose. Make sure that when you hire the caterer to DOUBLE CHECK what is included. Set-up, glasses, straws, napkins, staff, hours of service and if the gratuity for the service staff is included or extra :) With this type of wedding treat I would suggest that a professional catering company is hired. You will be pleased with the outcome and less stress will end up on your shoulders the day of the event. 

If hiring a professional isn't in the cards and you are going the DIY route, I would suggest to still assign a few friends of family members to serve your guests. Be prepared with extra supplies and choose less flavors of syrup (simplify) and then really think about having appropriate signage in case the friends or family that are acting as "bar-tenders" aren't comfortable with explaining the process over and over. 

A Few Things You Will Need
Glasses or Cups
Long Straws and Spoons
Ice... and Lots of it
Several Syrup Flavors
Soda Water
2-3 Servers/Bartenders
Long Table or Bar to serve from
Linens.... etc.

See why we say to hire a professional?? It's a lot to trackdown, purchase, prepare and keep track of!
but it is doable, as long as you are prepared and can stay organized.

Cute signs and table decorations can take your Italian Soda Bar/Station to the next level.
Here are a couple of Cute Sayings as well as Signs that you can order online......

Order this Sign on ETSY
Need a little more information???
Here is a fabulous post about homemade Italian Sodas from an adorable BLOG Sugar and Charm

Flavored Syrups
Club soda and cream 
Before and after you stir ;)                        Photo Credit: Sugar and Charm 

Arent they BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I could reach out and grab one right now! 

I hope that we have helped answer your questions and given you a little direction toward planning delicious refreshments for your event. We would love it if you would leave us a comment, and let us know how everythings turns out! Take Care and CONGRATULATIONS!
Laura Stagg and the Forevermore Events Team

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  1. love the containers for the syrup it is so pretty and fun to have a few flavors on the table. I am going to give it a try!!!

  2. Hello Foodie...I would love to see your pictures! Yummy!

  3. Hello Foodie...I would love to see your pictures! Yummy!

  4. Hi, my name is Jaime of sophistimom. I was startled when I saw my photo on pinterest, and that it linked here instead of to me? I don't mind that my picture is on your site, but I would love a link. Would you mind giving me credit for that first photo with a link to my post on ice cream sodas?

    the link is here.


    1. All taken care of... thanks for the heads up! Awesome website by the way <3

  5. These drinks look delicious!!!! What flavor is the mint green looking one in the second picture with the whip cream on top??? I WOULD LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE TO MAKE THAT!!!!


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