Thursday, August 18, 2011

Choosing a Color Pallette

Now that you are getting married, you might be thinking what colors to choose for your wedding theme. Some brides can creatively combine and pair different colors that looks fabulous together, with out any help.... But for the rest of us using a color wheel can be a great help when deciding on your wedding color scheme. Below is a great tool for anyone knee deep in the planning process.


There are basically two categories a color can fit into: Warm and Cool. Your choice of color will have an effect on the atmosphere and mood of your wedding and set the style of your entire event. So limit your basic colors to two or three so as not to look too jumbled. Use a mix of subdued colors for an elegant look.

Don't be afraid to use color! Color choices are important, and will come up over and over again during the planning process, so think long and hard before settling into a specific color palette.
When choosing colors:
~ Take into account what season you are getting married in, because certain colors and will be more available to you during different times of the year. I.e pastels will be more available in spring, and dark gem tones may be easier to find in the fall.
~ Think about your flower choices, if you have your heart set on certain flowers talk with your planner and florist about what colors are available and what tones they will be complementary with.
~ Think about what your bridal party will be wearing. Certain colors do not photograph well on certain skin tones. Maybe ask your photographers feedback, and think about possibly choosing an accent color in a photo friendly tone. Blacks, Pewter/Grays, Browns and Gold/Champagnes look amazing on a variety of skin tones.
~Think about your theme (If you have one) and ask yourself what will work with the elements you want to include in your wedding.

Still can't decide???? If all else fails.... go with what speaks to your personality...literally!
Paper Source  has provided us with an extremely helpful (and down-loadable) color chart. Here’s what your choice of color speaks about your personality.....


You can download a PDF version via

Good Luck! If you have any additional question or would like help with your upcoming event....
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