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Wedding Advice Wednesday: Family Stress?

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This weeks Wedding Advice Wednesday: Family 

When it comes to weddings dealing with the family, family-to-be, and the relatives that come along with them, it can become a tricky balancing act. Who to invite-who NOT to invite, and what to let them help with can definitely have an effect on the outcome of your event. You may feel like you are walking a tightrope most of the time- but fear not- you are not alone! It is common problem among Brides-to-be, and we have a few tips on help you survive the rocky waters. 

Q- I have a VERY big family, and they ALL want to HELP with our wedding. Even though we all grew up together our styles and tastes are worlds apart. How can I let them help without losing the control and overall look that I want for my wedding? I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but i am nervous that it will turn into a  "too many cooks in the kitchen "  sort of situation. Please help!
~One in a Dozen~ Avery
Southern Utah

A- Avery, First off I want to say that I feel your pain, Family stress is VERY common when planning a wedding! Don't lose hope, there are many ways to keep the loved-ones appeased, the In-laws at bay and the over-all "drama" low.

First, I would suggest hiring a wedding planner. A professional wedding planner can not ONLY help with these stressful situations, but can also keep an editing eyes on the details of the event and act as a "scape-goat" when you don't want Aunt Margaret knitting matching socks for the groomsmen... i.e...
"Sorry Aunt Margaret, the WEDDING PLANNER has already arranged for the groomsmen's head to toe attire" (catch my drift?) There are MANY reasons to hire a professional planner, but having an experienced MEDIATOR is definetly a big bonus when you need a neutral party in your corner.

If hiring a professional is not in the cards we have a few suggestions to help you plan a low stress event. When the family starts calling with exclamations of "I want to help!, and please let us do something!!"  Kindly thank them for their generosity, tell them you will get back to them soon and then make a mental note of who has asked to help. Never, agree to something on the spot.... it may save you an awkward conversation later on.

Next, look at your Event TO-DO list carefully and see if there are items that you don't mind family helping with. Perhaps you hit the jackpot and your Aunt is a professional florist, or your Uncle happens to be a world-renowned photographer. In that case it is easy to let them offer up their talents, and possible save you a bit of green in the process. For the rest of us, here are a few ideas of where and when you can let family help without losing control or the overall vision for your event.

1. Compiling and Addressing Invitations- Addressing 300+ Invitations is time consuming, but if 2 or 3 family members join in then it can be a quick and memorable experience.
2. Help Setting up for the Ceremony or Reception. 10+ tables and 100+ chairs will go a lot faster when you get the loving troops involved.
3. Signs and Graphic Design- If you have a family member that is computer savvy, enlist them to help with making signs for the reception. Getting a little help with making sign for the favor station, buffet tags, restroom signs and even a just married sign for the get-away-car can help save you time stress and money. Most professional graphic designers charge anywhere from $45-$95 dollars and hour.
4. Putting together a Music Playlist I don't know about you, but i am a firm believer in the fact that music can make-or break an event.Do you have a brother, sister, niece, nephew, cousin etc that is permanently attached to their ipod? They may be the perfect candidate to help you put together a cool and eclectic list of music to give the DJ.
5.Baking treats for the Favor Station- Having a few talented Cousins and Aunts bake several dozen of their favorite cookies can be a fun way to involve the masses. Turn it into a featured station during the event by filling various jars with the baked goodies, and attaching cute labels the bakers name to the oversized jars. Handing out copies of the recipes as part of the favor can be a great way to showcase the family members and tie the whole idea together. (here are a few images for inspiration)

Image via Project Wedding


Image Via Juicy Bits

The "family" element can be an interesting hurdle to jump, but with a bit of thought and careful planning, you can keep your loved-ones involved and have the much needed help and support that you will need when planning a wedding or event. Best of luck! If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us today!
Laura and the Forevermore Events Team

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