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Wedding Advice Wednesday: Invitations

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This weeks Wedding Advice Wednesday: Invitations

We are so excited about the responses we have received from our readers, and are featuring not ONE but TWO Q & A's this week. Invitations are a tricky subject, and when it comes to wedding announcements and invitations these days.... anything goes! Formal, Informal, Interactive, Photos, Collages, Drawings.... you name it! The creativity styles and new trends that have popped up in the Invitation Industry over the last 5 years has been astounding! I LOVE IT! It's another way that the Bride and Groom to be can inject a bit of their style and personality to their event. 
Rifle Paper Co.

Q- I have heard several different opinions on when I need to send out our wedding invitations. How far in advance should I send out our wedding invitations? Also what is the proper amount of time to ask for the reply card by?
~Thank you~ Marie
Southern Utah, UTAH

A- Marie, Thank you for contacting us with your question. Invitation etiquette often comes up when I meet with clients, so know that you are not alone in the "stationary haze" 

Ideally, invitations should go out six weeks before the wedding -- that gives guests plenty of time to clear their schedules for the day and make travel arrangements if they are out-of-towners. It also lets you make the RSVP date a little earlier -- say three weeks before the wedding date -- especially if you have decided to make a formal seating chart. Your wedding planner of graphic designer will need time to make name tags or seating charts and will need the information before the "final-week-before-the-wedding crunch" begins. So at the very latest, I suggest that the guests should receive wedding invitations six weeks in advance, and you should get responses back two to three weeks before the big day.
I hope that answers your question!
Best of Luck~
Laura Stagg and the Forevermore Events Team

Pink Piggy Designs

Q- HELP! I am not sure what to do? My fiancée and I can't decide between sending out "wedding announcements" or "wedding invitations" or both. I grew up here, but The Groom grew up in a VERY small town back east. We're afraid that feelings will be hurt if we don't invite everyone from his hometown, but we know the trip will be impossible for probably 95% percent of them. I hate to spend part of our budget making separate announcements, but I don't want anyone to feel left out. What should we do?
~A Tale of TWO Cities~ Tina
St George, UTAH

A- Tina, May I first say that when I saw your email :
"RE: A Tale of TWO Cities" I made me smile. What a perfect way to title a common issue. Southern Utah is a beautiful place to live and grow up, but because of its location, and bustling college-town atmosphere, we have a lot of clients that come from different hometowns. I am not sure if Martha Stewart or Emily Post would agree with me, but MY suggestions is to stick with sending out ONE invitation to both sides of the family. His hometown friends and family are just as important, and will be tickled to receive a proper invitation to your BIG day. You and your fiancée may be pleasantly surprised to see how many guests decide to use it as the perfect reason to take the weekend off and schedule a mini vacation to our beautiful little town. Even if 95% aren't able to make it, they will feel loved and included, (and may even show their support by sending gifts or registry items! Hooray!)

Your wedding budget is important, and I am sure that having any number unexpected guests show up could derail your plans, so make sure to include an RSVP request on the invitations. That way you will have a good idea of how many to plan for. Also, as a side note, I know several invitation companies, will offer you a price break once you order OVER a certain number of invitations.
Example: After 400 invitations are ordered the price per invitation goes down 20% across the board- which could be a huge savings!
If you were to split them up and order 200 Invitations and 200 Announcements, you would be losing those available discounts. 
I sincerely hope that we have answered your question, and would be happy to suggest several local invitation companies that do amazing work!!
If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to email us again!

Laura and the Forevermore Events Team

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